I have been doing plumbing & mechanical work for 30 years. My dad was an electrical and mechanial engineer and my grandfather was a carpenter. So happily I inherited all of their skills.

After obtaining my bachelor's degree in business management and spending many years in the professional business world, I decided to start my own construction business so I could do what I love best - fixing and building. 

I'm a resident of Harriman, NY (Southern Orange county). I've been doing plumbing & bathroom remodeling professionally for the past 15 years. I'm the owner and do all of the work myself so you will have a One on One relationship with your contractor.
1.   I guarantee my work
2.   I believe there's only One way to do a job- THE RIGHT WAY.
3.   My customers trust me in their home & with their children
4.   Customers with pets are happy to know that I'm an animal lover!
5.   Customer's safety is of the utmost concern to me. 
6.   I am an extremely neat worker